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A commitment of TRY is to promote environmental awareness nationwide.

TRY was established on 22nd April 2004 as a centre of excellence supported by the community and the Ministry of Environment and forest, Government of India .A commitment of TRY is to promote environmental awareness nationwide. TRY is affiliated to the different community initiatives and inherits the rich multi- disciplinary resource base and varied experience for all-round Development. TRY is committed to ensuring that due recognition is given to the role of Environmental Education in the promotion of sustainable development. TRY develops innovative programmes, educational material, and builds capacity in the field of education and communication for sustainable development.

What We Do at Try India

Mission and Vision

To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats the underprivileged community and to accomplish paramount and long lasting changes in human life and the environment we live in.
To improve the endowment of the refused admittance of the society and to make every human attain their rights to survive, develop and participate.
TRY also emphasizes on equal citizen rights.

TRY India’s positive impact in the past decades in bringing a change in lives of the poor and underprivileged  Children and their  Communities has been the foundation to what we at TRY do today. We dream and continuously work to build a better future for of our society, our state and our Nation. 

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TRY is a National Institute engaged In Developing Programmes and materials to increase awareness about the environment and sustainable development.

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